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Intro to Animal Testing

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Essay Preview: Intro to Animal Testing

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Did you know that more than 100 million animals that are being tested on each year die? (Animals Used for Experimentation). Animal testing has been a large topic that's been debated for a long time over the years. The view that: animals shouldn't suffer, they don't have the voice to stick up for themselves. And the opposing view of: animals are the only way out. We can find cures and treatments by using animals. Very recently, there was the "Animals Act of 1985" where animals can't be used unnecessarily in research. The '3R's' was the outcome of this act, meaning; Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction. ("Understanding Animal Research".) Testing is done by companies all over the world for science. If animal testing is done for science, doesn't that mean it is okay to do? I personally think that animal testing is cruel to animals, and that it shouldn't be done. Yes, we need to find cures and other things, but we should at least start cutting down on the amount of animals. From there, we could find some alternative ways in testing. Animals don't have a voice to speak out against animal testing, so humans should speak for them. People say that we should just use rodents, and stop using domestic animals/non-human primates. But they can feel everything, just like any other animal. Animal testing should be stopped, even if it is "helping" our safety, we can find another way so that animals aren't in pain, and we are still able to find information. If more people in our communities and others help try to stop animal testing and stand up for it, it would be a huge step in stopping animal testing.



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