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Jack Nelson's Case Study

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Essay Preview: Jack Nelson's Case Study

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Jack Nelson's Case study

Q.1 what do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank's home office and branches?

Ans. There is clearly a problem with communication, and the effects are felt in the area of employee commitment. Additional contributing factors include the lack of consistency in the policies and procedures of various locations. There is no cohesiveness to the staffing activities of this organization.

- Hiring Employee: The case study highlights the fact that there is no participation or contribution from the HR Department in terms of hiring new employees, which means that the office does not have any HR Department working. Hence, employees were hired by supervisors direct, who were over occupied with many job responsibilities and believed in the fact that immediate replacement was the initial need of the company. They lacked the actual skills and understanding of successful human resources functions, which means right candidate did not come through and even if they did, then further lack of training, motivation and probably not good wages forced them to quit before time.

- The bank does not monitor the progress in the main branch. They should outline to the employees exactly what is expected of them refer to the job description and explain to them their role in the bank. Provide them with their goals and the timeline for the completion of those goals. Set targets that are achievable and take place in a relatively short amount of time. It's easier to track the progress of a program over a few months than an entire year.

- There was no standardization of Recruitment process throughout the organization. Recruitment was done whenever there was a new opening of a job, supervisors tried to find a replacement to fill up the position as soon as possible. These in return, affect the ability of recruiting the right candidate for the job due to time constraint. As the Recruitment and Selection was done solely by the branch, there is no proper process in place and resources are stretched.

- High employee turnover: The major issue was that employee turnover was quite high within the office, as a matter of fact every time an employee would be hired , their would be another employee resigning. We understand that employee turnover is a costly expense especially in lower paying job roles, for which the employee turnover rate is highest. Many factors play a role in the employee turnover rate of any company, and these can stem from both the employer and the employees.



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