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Jarod Kennedy

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Jarod Kennedy

Jarod, my middle brother, can be quite a nuisance. He is 14 years old and quite a cute child. His sandy blonde hair goes perfectly with his deep, piercing, blue eyes. His nose looks like a ski slope with a ball at the end of his nose. His smile filled with braces could get him anything he asked for. He had a body of a miniature Roman god. He has perfect proportions of his torso to legs, height and width, and arms to chest.

The day was like any other, but this one began with a different start. The weekends are my days to sleep in, so I do not typically get up until 10:00 AM. As I slept and my parents worked, Jarod had done all the chores. Our chores are not that difficult, but we have an issue with starting them in the morning and actually finishing them. This can be very true on the weekends as well. I had woken this morning to the constant drone of a vacuum cleaner. I stepped out of my room and noticed my hallway void of dirt and hair.

"Good morning Taylor" called out a chipper voice. Jarod started a bull rush to give me a great big bear hug.

"Good morning Jarod" I replied "did you do all of the chores this morning?" I began looking around the house to see almost all the chores done.

In a cheerful reply he said "yes, dad needs them house clean for some people. They are coming over to assess the house. I promised I would get them all done today. He said I couldn't complain if you and Ryan don't want to help." He had got in trouble a few days before this, so guess it was his punishment and he would be rewarded afterwards. His feet moved like lightning as he bolted back to the living room to finish vacuuming.

I went into the kitchen and saw that the mountain of dishes from the previous night had been completely cleaned. His action had peaked my interest so watched him as he finished vacuuming and then went on to clean his room. His room looked as messy as if a tornado had touched down in it. He started by his door picking up all of the clothes in the room. He turned it into a game by throwing the clothes into the clothes hamper like basketballs. The speed he picked up the clothes at was amazing. He never cleaned this fast. It had been a near 10 minutes and he had cleaned picked up and sorted all of the clothes in his room.

"Wow Jarod, I've never seen you clean that fast!" I said in shock. He didn't hear me because of the head phones in his ears. He then picked up all the dishes and brought them to the kitchen. As he walked back into his room, I moved the bed to reveal another pile of clothes and dishes.

He sighed and said "Really Taylor, I was in a groove and now that you showed me that there are more clothes I don't want to clean anymore."

"Sorry bud, but you said you'd clean the whole house for dad." I laughed and went back to my room.

He finished the rest of his room and then came to my room and said "Ha ha, now you have to clean your room too." His jaw dropped as he saw that my room was already clean. "How did you do that?"

"It's a trade secret, I can't let you know." I remarked. "I guess you'll just have to figure it out on you own."

This was not the first time Jarod had surprised me like this. On Halloween last year we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Our small town consists of about 300 or so people where everyone knows most everyone else. We had started going around town at 5:30 PM. The town was filled with tons of costumes: little red devils, big green aliens, old western cowboys, pretty pink princesses, and many more costumes. Jarod dressed up this year as a ninja. His costume made it look like he had muscles all over and his face was covered with a black mask. He had two sai that he would stab at invisible enemies.

"The enemy ninjas will never know what hit them." He would say as we passed other kids in ninja costumes. The trick-or-treating lasted until 7:00 PM and we had started driving back home when Jarod noticed some kids knocking on a door that was seemingly abandoned. This house was definitely the epitome of Halloween spirit



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