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Jim Davis's Perspective

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Essay Preview: Jim Davis's Perspective

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Jim Davis's Perspective

In working his way through his new employment, Jim Davis knew the challenges he may face when he spoke to his co-worker, Allen Jones, branch manager coordinator, about adding additional responsibilities for each of the branch manager. However, when Patty Matthews asked about having an expense account for clientele outings, not only was he surprised that she would bring that up, but he may have had a red flag raised on how dedicated Patty might be towards this new responsibilities. His convictions about her became further enticed when she missed the initial training without any communication on her whereabouts during or after the training. Even though Patty called in sick that day, Jim was not convinced of her excuse of being sick, even though he had no way to prove otherwise. However, he was quite adamant about seeing that she gets reprimanded for not going participating in something that was already communicated to her as mandatory.

With that in mind, Jim's agenda for that meeting should concentrate on two points, 1) should Patty get another chance to reschedule this training? Or 2) should consider be given on seeking another, more willing, branch manager to get involved with these objectives? And all the while, Jim must also keep in mind that option two may lead down a course of other branch managers having a negative reaction to giving that option to Patty and not them.

Allen Hughes's Perspective

Allen Hughes viewpoint, he may be considering himself to be in quite a dilemma. Due to his minimal influence over the branch managers that report up to him it is a challenge to bring on new initiatives pertaining to these positions.

Even though it is not stated into words within the case, one reason for this position that Allen is in with the branch managers is probably because of the fact that he has been with the company for only three years versus the folks that report to him which have been there for many years.

With that situation as it stands, Allen probably feels that it would be better for management to negotiate with Patty, rather than opt for a reprimand of some kind, especially since she has a certain level of influence over the other branch managers. And also because since she has been with this employer for twenty five years, they would not want to jeopardize the situation and lose someone with that many years of experience and understanding about the branch she manages and the company overall.

Eric Johnson's Perspective

Eric has a very cut throat type of viewpoint given his level of seniority. He is unconcerned with seeing the perspectives of the branch managers, how they would react to the additional responsibilities being required of them and atop that there is no added benefits to attach them with.




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