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Compare and Contrast Lincoln and Davis

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Looking into the lives of two great leaders, I believe I have found that they have more similarities than differences. Perhaps why I believe this has more to do with their passion than their individual ideals. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both natives to Kentucky. Lincoln was born in 1809 and Davis in 1808. Lincoln was born into a poor family and lived in a log cabin. His mother died when he was young and when his father remarried, his stepmother taught him how to read. Any education he had, he sought for. Davis on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was a southern aristocrat and attended some of the best schools in Kentucky.

Lincoln was known for his humor and laid back nature, while Davis had a reputation for being ill tempered, never backing down from a fight. Lincoln received some education and became a lawyer. Davis became a cotton plantation owner and had slaves working for him.

Both Lincoln and Davis were apart of the military, Lincoln had only a short career serving in the Black Hawk War in the 30's, and Davis had a more extensive stay, serving in the Mexican War and being appointed as the Secretary of the War in 1853. While Davis was serving in the Mexican War, Lincoln was acting as a Congressman in Illinois.

Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and abolished slavery giving them their freedom and Davis was the one and only Presidents of the Confederate States of America and desired to see slavery continue for the sake of the plantations.

Both men had issues with their health. Lincoln suffered with his mental health fighting depression, and Davis with his physical health, plagued with headaches, neuralgia, and other ailments brought on by stress.

Both men are remembered for their passion, determination, and sacrifice, both fighting for what they believed was right. Their names and life's details etched into our history books forever. Statues have been created in their memory and we will always be grateful for their leadership.



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