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John's Proctor

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John's Proctor written confession being publicly displayed could've saved his life. His religious beliefs however did not allow that. Proctor is in a situation where he either lies and lives or he tells the truth and gets hanged. By choosing to tell the truth and dying for what he knows it's right, John makes the choice that his integrity will bring him to heaven. Even though the truth lead to his death, he did the right thing by not compromising his soul.

Proctor took a stand for his religious and personal beliefs. John wasn't the only one that was willing to be hanged for what they thought seemed right. If he confessed it wouldn't only dishonor him but also his prisoner friends, who were also brave to die as testimony to the truth. Proctor is a good man and like any other had made some mistakes. But he wasn't willing to give up his soul to the lie of him practicing witchcraft. He wasn't going to lie to save his life, but later be punished by God and not make it to his kingdom. In Act 4 John Proctor says to Elizabeth "It is pretense for me, a vanity that will not blind God nor ..". He's explaining to Elizabeth that he understand that if he confesses he will be damned in God's eyes, that he knows what he'll be doing is wrong.

Throught the Crucible John Proctor's reputation had a major role to play in all his decisions. A false admission on his part would have dishonored him. His immense pride and fear of public opinion was one of the major reasons John should have and didn't allow the Salem authorities to publicly display his written confession. In the Crucible Act 4 after John refuses to sign he says "Because it is my name!... How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave my name!" John Proctor would rather hang than be robbed of what little pride he had left after he sacrificed his good name in order to save his wife by admitting to adultery.

Others may say that John should of let his name be put down in the community and put aside his religious views to save his life because he has others to think about not just himself. For example his sons, and his wife that was expecting. This however wasn't possible because Proctor couldn't live with the fact that he would have dishonored his friends,family and himself by confessing to a crime that he didn't commit. The crime of witchcraft. His kids would grow up to think that their father was the Devil or that their father lied to the court to protect himself. In the long run he would of still suffered

John Proctor shouldn't have and did not allow the Salem authorities to publicly display his written confession that he had committed witchcraft. John would of rather dealt with the consequences of the truth than those of lies. John stayed true to his religious believes and to his pride for his name. He did not grow weak and



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