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A Separate Peace by John Knowles

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Essay Preview: A Separate Peace by John Knowles

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In the book A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, there are many interesting characters and different personalities of each character. The main characters of this book are Gene, Finny, Leper, and Brinker. Gene is the jealous and envious kind of friend and is smart. Finny is the athletic, non-academic friend who is caring. Leper is the gullible kid that doesn't say much and is quite crazy. Brinker is the instigator and tries to get into everybody's business and doesn't really care who is hurt in the process. All these character' personalities are somewhat similar to mine.

The first character that I think I'm like in the book is finny. Finny is all about sports, but he isn't a competitive player. Finny is the type of person who plays for fun and not as a rivalry. Finny is such a good athlete that he "broke the school record" (44) for swimming. I believe I am like finny in many ways. Like Finny I am an athletic person and just love sports.

The second character that I think I'm like is Brinker. Brinker is the type of person who wants the facts and details about what's going on around him. Sometimes Brinker takes it a little too far though when he tries to get the facts he wants. Brinker, who is considered an instigator tries "investigating Finny's accident" (108) one night while it's very late out. Sometimes I can be an instigator but it doesn't get as bad like Brinker. Sometimes when you get the facts or details of things you really feel like you didn't need to know things.

The third character that I think I'm like in this book is Leper. Leper is a person who loves nature and is very gullible. Like Leper I love nature as well and like being outdoors. For instance Leper thinks "it's interesting to see the way beavers adapt in the winter." (95) Like Leper I think its king of interesting the way most animals adapt during the summer and winter.

In conclusion there are many characters with interesting personalities and each character portrays traits that are similar to mine. Out of all the characters I think me and Finny's personalities are the most similar.



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