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Jonbenet Ramsey

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Many of us have heard about this cause. It is very popular. The unsolved death of JonBenet Ramsey. A young girl who graced the covers of beauty pageant magazines and also won many pageants. She was found killed in her home in Colorado 8 hours after she was reported missing. Her youth, great looks, popularity and wealth that her family had put her on every tv screen, newspaper, and blog in the world. JonBenet was born on August 6, 1990 in Atlanta. She started pageants just at 9 months. She lived the ideal life. Wealthy family two parents who loved and cared for her, and she also participated in other activities. Such as rock climbing and violin lessons. If that wasn't the American dream then I don't what could be. JonBenet went missing the day after Christmas and the person who killed her is still an unsolved mystery after 16 years the nation is still attracted to this story. Who every killed JonBenet I have come to the conclusion that they knew the family very well, because form the police reports it was not forceful for this person to break in. Also the individual who left the ransom note asking for 118,000 for her safe return almost the exact value of bonds JonBenete father had received earlier that year. Also when her body was found she was in a blanket that was one of her favorites. When people couldn't find the killer they started doing what the public normally do. Blame it on the parents. The mother and father were ridiculed by the public and even when the DNA come out that the parents had nothing to do with it people had already instilled in their heads that the parents did do it. The real question to me was that did the police do a good of trying to find this girl and killer. In 2006 a man came out and said he did it and put America at a standstill but when DNA came out it showed that none of his DNA was there.



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