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Jordan and Eurasia

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Justus Watson


Geography 30 block

5 themes Country Project

Location: Jordan is a country in Eurasia a mass that is made up of two contents Europe and Asia. Jordan is located at 310 north latitude and 360 east longitude. Jordan is home to an estimated 6,407,058 as of July 2010.

Place: Jordan is boarded by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, and Syria. Because the two contents are connected to each other they are known by many living there as Eurasia. Jordan's official language is Arabic and religion is Sunni Islam.

Region: Jordan is a semi-dry country with an average temperature of 900F in the summer and 550 F in the winter. The western part of the country receives greater precipitation during the winter season from November to March and snowfall in Amman. The major characteristic of the climate is humid from November to March and semi dry weather for the rest of the year. Jordan is home to many geographical features like the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth and is 9 times more salty than the ocean. Also Jordan is home to the Ajloun Mountains.

Human-Environment Interaction: Although Jordan is a generally resource-poor country, Jordan does contain significant deposits of both oil shale and sources of uranium; these potential sources of indigenous energy have been the focus of renewed interest in recent year. Jordan, however, is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world and considerable water is required to develop these resources, particularly oil shale. There are very limited resources of timber and forestry products and timbering is strictly limited by Jordan's environmentalists. Jordan also stockpiles petroleum and crude oils.

Movement: Jordan has a well-developed road structure with 7,999 kilometers of paved highways. There are three commercial airports, all receiving and sending international commercial flights, two of them in Amman and the third is located in the city of Aqaba. The largest airport in the country is Queen Alia International Airport in Amman that serves as the hub of the regional airline Royal Jordanian.



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