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Journey of the Life

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Journey of the Life

Well, let me start with my line "Journey of the Life", the basic idea pop up in my mind when I was in the bus and coming back from my college to home. Life can come up and run off. The healthier way to deal with all happiness and sorrow in life is to equip your mind with rousing and vital sayings that will help boost your will up. It changes your life and thoughts, but precisely, they can make you feel energized.

There are few of the sayings on "what's my view", "what I feel", and "what I recognize". And I wish that help you to gain in your life.

Just few months back, I read the book of Nelson Boswell; he is an author of three books and his books is about internal harmony, control, which gives certain knowledge of resolving problems, and says about meditation which can be used to get rid of stress, and raise creativity and energy.

Well, He(Nelson Boswell) said that ,"The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed." so Just go ahead and feel yourself. Some where I read "Nothing happens until I make it happen" wow.... That is really make me so lively.

Have some Smile:

A construction worker goes to the doctor and says, "Doc, I'm having difficulty with bowel."

The doctor examines him for a minute and then says, "Lean over the table."

The construction worker leans over the table; the doctor whacks him on the ass with a baseball bat, CRACK... and then sends him into the bathroom.

He comes out a few minutes later and says, "Doc, I feel great. What should I do to prevent difficulty with bowel?"

The doctor says, "Stop wiping with cement bags."

Ting Ton....



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