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Judaism and Christianity

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Essay Preview: Judaism and Christianity

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Just as Christianity inherited its roots from the Roman Empire, Islam took hold from the Near East. Islam is linked to Judaism and Christianity. Jerusalem is a holy city for Islam but Mecca has more importance as that's were all Muslim go for their pilgrimage. Mecca is where the holy stone known as Kaaba is located.

Islam was founded by Muhammad who had struggled for the first forty years of his life. He wrote and preached the Quran (The Holy book of Islam). The Quran interprets the sayings of the Almighty. The Quran is written in Arabic which is considered to be an extremely poetic and sweet language. The essential reason for the choice of language is to realize the beauty, explosive force and the pure music of this inimitable text. The poetry is extraordinary and powerfully rhythmic.

Islam symbolizes no mysteries although a number of points seem controversial for those who do not understand or misinterpret the actual or true meaning of the statement. Islam is formed on 5 basic pillars. These principles if not interpreted properly off by individuals of a different faith may seem offensive.

These are the five principles and how I feel they may seem offensive to others

Principle 1: "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"

According to Islam you have to believe in Allah and there is no god but Allah. Allah refers to any one of the following, God, The Almighty, Bahaman, Mungu, Baba and may others that refer to the Supreme Being.

According to Islam Allah is the only God. This is the first of the few controversial issues that I feel Islam has. My view is that all faiths can choose what they want to call or refer to God as. The path to salvation and the way it is preached may be different but the final destination is the same.



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