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Just a Beginning of a Supposedly Magnificent Novel

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Essay Preview: Just a Beginning of a Supposedly Magnificent Novel

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JANUARY 1, 2013

        Dear blank paper, I was just walking to the nearest department store when I witnessed a miracle in my life. But first before I tell you this, (because you might probably laugh) I have something to ask you dear paper. Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s when you suddenly saw her and everything goes out of hand. Everything in your mind goes blank, everything but the fact that you want her. And you’ll do everything to know her, and be with her. Like you saw her with an arrow pointing down on her head symbolizing “she’s the one!”

Everything slows down, but not your heartbeat, and your pulse is raising.

People around you goes blur like they don’t matter anymore. Like as if they don’t exist and you two are alone. Two strangers on a deserted streets.

You forgot everything. Like your purpose on being on that side of the town. But what matters most is your looks, you suddenly goes conscious about it. As if your bangs might be on an awkward position. Or maybe you look so grumpy under this broad daylight. And your smell. Frankly you became paranoid all of the sudden, thinking whether you have an unpleasant body odor or something.

Everything feels like in the movies. Like you can hear your favorite music ringing in the air. The cold wind blowing through your hair. You can hear birds chirping and the pleasant smell of the sea.

That’s what they call love at first sight. Where everything feels so untrue.

 Well actually yes! Everything is not true. What I just told you are all pure shits. There is no such thing as the ‘love at first sight’. Or so, I thought.

        That’s what happened to me. As I was just about to cross the road to this department store I was talking about. A bus suddenly stops in front of me. And as I was waiting for it to move. I saw a glimpse on this girl on the front seat, she’s not that extravagat in looks, but her looks makes me feel like I can’t move at all. I was stunned b her beauty. I felt like it’s been a years or so that I’m seeing her face making me remember everything abour her in just a second or two.

        Can’t help it, I thought. So, I told myself, “If this bus won’t move as I count to 5, I will make my way in. so I count.

1… and a new passenger hops in. 2… the bus driver is waiting. 3… the bus honks at the passersby. 4… a sound of a hiss and the door slowly closes. 5… the wheels was about to rotate when an old woman few yards in front of the bus waves her hand but the bus still is accelerating. Maybe the driver didn’t saw the lady. So I actually make a run for it until I reached for the door and thumps in until the bus halts to stop.



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