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Kelly Services Case Study China

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Essay Preview: Kelly Services Case Study China

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China Corporate Office

Zhao Feng World Trade Building

Shanghai PRC 200050

Tel: (86-21) 5240 0840


March 29, 2012


China Corporate Office

Pudong Station

615 Xin Jin Qiao Road

Shanghai 201206

Dear Mr. Peng Ye,

Kelly Services is an international staffing agency that is helping many businesses around the world and could benefit your company as well. Your worldwide offices and diverse staffing needs make it difficult to find quality employees. We believe that Kelly Services can benefit your company in this manner.

We are excited to share our data with you and to show you the many benefits Kelly Services can provide. With the high number of available positions within your company and the worldwide setting, it is difficult for a company to properly recruit employees. The combination of overburdened recruiters and employee shortages can put a strain on the entire company. It has also come to our attention that you have opened a new hub in China. Kelly Services has established a phenomenal reputation within China among other countries. Our experience is invaluable to the new Chinese FedEx shipping hub. The following chart shows Kelly Services international staffing experience in 2011:

The benefits of contracting Kelly Services for your hiring and staffing needs far exceed possible financial barriers. Current recruiters would have a burdened lifted and be able to better complete the jobs that they were hired for. To avoid the risk of hiring too many recruiters and facing future overstaffing, Kelly Services can step in to meet the demand for new employees for the case of the new hub in China as well as everyday hiring.

There are several other benefits to partnering with Kelly Services as well. Our extensive experience in overseas business allows us to better communicate within the business world of other cultures. It is very possible that your company has begun to see some of the differences in business culture as you have begun your startup in China. Communication and culture gaps can cause significant problems for a business starting in a new location. To ease the transition, Kelly Services will help with both the hiring and training process to ensure a proper fit of employees. We not only focus on hiring employees, but would encourage training recruiters to better understand the culture gaps as well.

We look forward to helping you meet your company's



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