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Knowledge Economy

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Which major occupation groups will drive the UAE government's efforts to build a Knowledge Economy?

I think that that the Professionals and association professionals major will drive the UAE governments effort to build Knowledge economy . For that reason I think that UAE should allocate special budget specially for the new graduate students to be professional in different field such as education, Technology, Health and economy. They should provide them with the all resources they needs to develop themselves in different fields. I choose this major ,because I believe that if we have professional in different filed in the country , it will help the government to overcome or minimize different economy, health, humanitarian and others. issues . For example it we are suffering from the poor education curriculums in schools or university , it would be very helpful to have someone professional to deal with this problem and find better solution to improve it or change it.

Which major occupation group would you target to increase Emiratization and why?

I think that the government should increase Emiratization in the Skilled agricultural and Fishery Workers occupation. I think it is very important to educate the people about the important of the natural resources for country and how it is play an essential role in increasing their country income and economy. Unfortunate our country is depending more in other source of income , for that reason they are not encouraging the young generation to joint this filed. I believe that the government should expand the awareness of the important of the agriculture and fishery work in increasing the UAE economy and this should be done through schools and universities. I think that the university in the UAE should increase the program to teach students the essential of the agriculture and fishery work and allocate the jobs for them when they graduates .



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