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Lack of Government Interest in Domestic Violence

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Essay Preview: Lack of Government Interest in Domestic Violence

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Lack of Government Interest in Domestic Violence

Federalism is the formal division of authority and power between states and the national government so therefore, why would it be that in a society that has vast technology, finds pride in its superiority to other countries, we as a state as a government are still in the stone age when it comes to the lack of government interest in domestic violence? I ask this most crucial question because it is underestimated how many cases of domestic violence occur in our states, and sadly how our government has the power and the money to help with this very important issue but yet because of federalism or lack of federalism nothing has changed for decades in this most crucial subject matter which affects not only women, children, men, but our society as a whole.

Domestic violence is not a at home issue it is a government issue, it is a work issue; it is a life style issue. Domestic violence has no prejudice against race, religion, creed, economic status educational background no prejudice what so ever but domestic violence is a very nasty volatile and life threatening society changing issue and affects our government. I say affects our government because as I found out from my reading and research it does not matter whether you are in a rural area, urban area, well off area it affects you it's in your back yard whether you turn a blind eye to it whether you are the victim or the one who is doing the victimizing.

Politicians when campaigning do research into the different areas that are in their jurisdiction and find out what are the needs and wants of the people that will and have the power to vote them into the seat they desire. At this time they may or may not decide what programs to cut to enforce what advocacies they should elicit so that their campaign can be the winning one. It's not about the campaign and what is said it's in reality what is done after the campaign, what happen to our rights as the citizens that have the power of the constitution to vote these Politician's into office with these false promises they make just to get into offices. How many of these politicians in reality make a conscience effort to make change for the people who voted them in especially when we speak of such a sensitive subject.

Domestic violence in the work place can be bullying of same sex, or opposite sex, can be sexual harassment our companies have implemented over the years affirmative action groups to protect employees against such acts of violence this is one way our government has helped achieve a safe work environment. Government has also put into place programs to teach anger management better dress codes to prevent sexual harassment, a silly comment some may say everyone knows how to dress to work but sometimes a necessary one.

Domestic violence in our neighborhoods if in rural areas is a grand issue because



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