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Latar Belakang of Company

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Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries is stabilize company has establish of bakery shop. The planning of the company is to build a strong market position in the city, as the market position of industrial partners and a mild climate that is competitive in the Ipoh area. Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries provides Cake, Bread & Biscuits for their customers. The company is under the auspices of three people who manage the company. First, the experienced manager, Ms. NoorFadzilah Bt Shahuddin as manager of the bakery company, Ms. Syafiqah Adilah Bt Mohd Aris as leader of Finance and Administration and Ms. Nurul Husna Bt Manan as leader of marketing and operations.


The demand and produce of bakery are something that is best according to the tastes and needs of customers wants. Bakery sweetface try to give the best service to their customers and distributors to provide more quality of the product and service and provides communications professionals in the business. These bakery they wanted to become one of the leading manufacturers of cakes, ice cream and many others to meet the domestic and local customer satisfaction. Manufacture products that cater to various age groups and suited to local tastes.


Company name: Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries. The Registration No: 315828-M IPO. Principal Activities: Manufacture of. Business address: Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries No. 95 & 97, Jalan Chung Ah Ming, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Number Tel:  05- 2542088. Nature of Business this bakery are based on the partnership business there are three people who establish this bakery business.  The date of commencement of operations: 02/02/2012 they open and run the business until now.


The Bakery shop have their own policy are provide the Halal food n Halal Ingredients , Guarantee the quality of service and taste of the food to the customer, to guarantee food safe to eat and environmental standard hygiene kitchen by the Ministry of Health, Jabatan Agama Islam Persekutuan and SIRIM.


In business Bakery shop have their own to achieve in long term process. First, Business bakery shop sweetface expands across the over the country and state. Second, the profitable business in economy is improving. Third, avoiding unemployment in the country. Fourth, being a company that is known from all over the country. Diversifying tastes of the customers.


The reasons we choose this business are the Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries have the varieties of the Product they produce and it related with the our assignment such as key cost objective that we can identify the justification. We also can find the various costs of the business how they do the planning, controlling and decision making they run the business of Aunt Lee Cake & Pastries.



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