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Leadership Challenges in Today's Society

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Essay Preview: Leadership Challenges in Today's Society

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Leadership Challenges In Today's Society

Changes in Leadership

Jameel Ragland

Argosy University


When it comes to today's leaders there are many challenges that may arise in running a successful business or running a nation. A barrier is word I use when leaders face different challenges concerning their companies. To me barriers can arise from different types of race, color, age, sex, and culture. In order for a leader to be successful he/she has to be able to bridge this gap when dealing with employees. There are several topics I will discuss that leaders face in today's society.

Reward vs. Showcase

The challenge for today's leaders is to find opportunities to appreciate people to their performance and contribution according to the article (leadership challenges in today's environment 2011). This comes more important when a company grows larger. Leaders must focus on a very different type of motivation of the individual and reward mechanism do very little when there exists very less opportunity to publicly share the receipt of the reward.

Drive vs. Innovate

Leaders must also start encouraging more innovation at the workplace. While driving business is important for organization sustenance it is really innovation that will set the organization apart from the also ran and create the platform to become a leader in the market. Organizations that continuously innovate are on step ahead of the competition.

Train vs. Learn

Investing training alone is no longer considered an answer to building the right skills. The new leader invests in building a strong learning culture where employees have the opportunity to keep themselves updated of what's new in the market through learning events, both on-the-job and classroom based. Importance is also given reflection and personal transformation through self-development programs.


In today's fast moving world, we need leaders who can continuously change with the changing demands of the corporate world. A leader in today's society needs to be dynamic, flexible, empathetic, innovative, and very perspective to emotional and growth needs of their followers. Above all they need to be representatives of their management as well as ambassadors of their people.


Leadership Challenges in Today's



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