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Licensing Parents - Saving the Lives of Children in Today's Society

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Essay Preview: Licensing Parents - Saving the Lives of Children in Today's Society

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Licensing Parents:

Saving the lives of children in today's society

Parenting can be considered one of life's most challenging and demanding jobs today. Children do not ask to be born, and many adults do not ask to be parents. There are very responsible and loving parents out there. There are also people who would make wonderful parents, but for reasons beyond their control they will never achieve that luxury. Then there are also people who have children and raise them irresponsibly which affect not only society, but ruins children's lives. It is clear that there are many parents that have no business being around children, as they also do not have the resources to raise them. Many people strongly believe that because of the neglect and abuses that are inflicted upon children today, parental licenses should be required and enforced.

According to Sharma in the chapter "Causes, Impact, Prevention and Medicolegal Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect", published in Child Abuse pages 147-167 (2006), "[a]buse and neglect of children and adolescents continue to be major public health problems all over the world" (147). Sharma states that child abuse and neglect are serious problems that affect many children, families and communities. The writer points out that the environment could be a main cause or related to child abuse and neglect. According to the author "[c]hild abuse or maltreatment is commonly divided into five categories; physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and exploitation" (148). He mentions that neglect could have many meanings; however, neglect in general means when parents do not give their children their basic needs. Sharma states that there are no specific reasons leading to child abuse and neglect until now. He said "abuse and neglect of children occurs in families from all walks of life and across all socioeconomic, religious and ethnic groups" (154). However, Sharma stated that some difficulties in some issues such as financial, relationships, stress, depression or mental problems could cause an abusive behavior. Finally, the writer pointed out that many policy makers and professionals tried to find affective solutions to prevent child abuse from happening, but they did not succeed until now.

In recent news local parents have been charged in the death of a toddler. Two year old, DeMarcus Jackson was taken from his biological parents at nine days old and placed in foster care. In July 2011, DeMarcus' biological parents regained custody of him. The day before DeMarcus' death, Jobs and Family Services worker stopped by the residence for a routine visit with the Jackson Family, only to find that the child was supposedly out shopping with Antrone Smith, the child's biological father. On Friday, October 21st, Police responded to the Jackson home located in the 1300 block of Bracken Woods Lane in Westwood where emergency responders reported that a child was not breathing. DeMarcus Jackson was taken to Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead (WLWT).

An autopsy showed DeMarcus died from internal injuries caused by what seemed to be abdominal blows similar to stomping, and also showed other injuries including a burn on his hand.

According to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters, "It took almost a day for him to expire from the injuries as he bled internally," Deters said, "The last 24 hours of this little boys life had to be the most horrific thing in the world." DeMarcus' mother Latricia Jackson is currently pregnant with her sixth child, and is being charged with child endangering and is in danger of losing custody of her other children. Deters also added that Jackson told authorities, "If I lose custody, I lose my check" (qtd. In "Mom Charged in Toddler's Death"np).

These kinds of statements from parents of neglected children or children that have been killed by their parents should raise concern by children's services and similar connected agencies. Especially after being placed in foster care at nine days old for neglect, why would you return this child to the parents that are responsible for neglect?

Is child neglect and/or child abuse a feasible cause for



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