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Led Tv

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the paper is all about the marketing and selling of LED tv its technical features and how it is helping us in making sells easy. it also tells about the various approach of selling.

LG's LED backlit LCD TVs have flooded the markets by now and they even have two of their 3D models out. LG televisions are engineered with dynamic Mega Contrast Ratio technology. LED, Plasma or LCD, LG televisions provide the ultimate home entertainment experience. Feast your senses on LG's forward-thinking single-layer design, full HD resolution and advanced connectivity. LG TVs are the centre piece of your entertainment hub in the home. It comes in 26 models, with segments like Jazz, Cinema 3D, Smart TV, and Infinia.

The target customer will be upper middle class and premium class people, hotel industries, physical workout place (gym), Parlours and office canteens.

Since the population is increasing very rapidly, the people are left with very less space in their premises, whether home or office. So they will always prefer LG LED TV as it is less than an inch thick, and since it uses LED lights, they consume almost 60% less energy than ordinary TV screens.

First I will find out the data of existing LG customers, check out their last purchase and will try to figure it out whether the person could be in search or need of this product. Then will try to find out the Hotels, gyms, parlours and offices where there is a requirement of TV, then after figuring out there need, I will contact to them explaining about the TV with Catalogue and will request them to visit the store for real time experience.

And those customers who come to store and wish to have LCD TV, I will try to convince him to upgrade to the LED TV by explaining the advantages of having LED TV over LCD TV.

Since the only drawback of LG LED TV is it lacks Ethernet port in all models except smart TV, it has an upper hand because of its pricing, slimness and attractiveness of the TV models.

The LG LED TV require zero maintenance if kept in less heat prone area and moisture free area and can operate continuously till a decade. It's very easy to mount and because of its slimness, it can be kept anywhere without thinking of space constraints. LG LED TV is also eco-friendly and is easily decomposable, without affecting the environment.



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