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Legalization Marijuana

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Marijuana is the common name for a crude drug made from the plant Cannabis sativa. The main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana is THC. So the question still remains, should it be legal or not. Overall there are many pros and cons to this universal topic. I am against it because this allows children to think that drug use is acceptable, this would create danger to person besides users and marijuana is a gateway drug.

The legalization of marijuana allows kids to think that drug usage is acceptable. It increases the chances of drugs falling into their hands as well. Legalization will make it an easy availability. Not only will it create availability for kids, but for others. This can crate new consumers rather than rescuing current ones.

Legalization also creates danger to persons besides users. Being that drugs are addictive, the user can not make a rational decision to stop using them because usage eliminates ability to think logically. Physical damage could also be done to the user that abuses the drug. One danger that is created for non-users is stoned driving. Driving drunk is a problem to but there is not a way to detect if someone is driving high.

Marijuana is also a gateway drug. It can lead to heroin, cocaine, LSD, and many other harder drugs. Drug users like to experiment so they can get a "bigger high". This is a problem since most people will not directly start abusing the harder ones. Weed use alone cause brain damage, cancer, lung damage, depression, a motivational syndrome, and even death. Brain damage shows memory loss and difficulty solving problems. This drug is dangerous even before it begins to lead to other ones.

Weed shouldn't be legalized because the cons outweigh the pros. Weed is a harmful drug. It also would cause to many problems if it was legalized. If it was legal it would allow children to think that drug use is acceptable, create danger to person besides users and marijuana would be used as a gateway drug.



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