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Leitrim Wetland

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Located in the southern part of the city of Ottawa, it is Canada's most beautiful example of a self sufficient ecosystem. A wetland is moisturized soil often covered up with a shallow pool of water due to rainy climate. A wetland is also made up of marshes, bogs and swamps, which are all characteristics of squishy and healthy soil. This wetland is home to almost 1038 species counted, and it`s plant life is not easily duplicated.

Lately there has been some construction taking place and it has been claimed to be a "green" operation, when the water is being sucked out and the new development is being constructed smack on top of the land. The homes being constructed require water and peat removal. What seems to be the mistake is that, a few kilometres away from there is a chemical waste site that is leaching out, poisonous chemicals, fumes and toxins into the closest body of water. If the peat is being removed the chemical leaching process will accelerate because peat has the ability to intake and break down poisonous toxic waste and more.

I believe that this construction shouldn't be carried out because:

1. It is listed as Canada's Hotspots for biodiversity because it is home to some of the rarest species.

2. Home to the great blue Heron

3. The close-to extinction Red Shouldered Hawk lives here.

4. During migration times more than 150 different breed of birds can be seen.

5. Wetlands act as a good water purification system.

6. The plants would grow better because the soil is wet and intakes many nutrients in the water resulting in optimum plant growth.

7. Aquatic species preserve the wetland's natural geography.

You can't save Leitrim wetlands anymore it is a sealed deal, but if you know someplace else that is being affected and you feel like you want to do something, why not you put up posters around your neighbourhood, write a convincing letter to your local newspaper so everyone knows what you are talking about, sell cookies or set- up a table at an annual garage sale so all proceeds go to supporting endangered species.



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