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Lenn Goodman

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Lenn Goodman wrote a very interesting article called 'Some Moral Minima". There are many things humans do in order to satisfy their needs and beliefs. Many people in America do things in order to live and provide a better life for themselves even though they can become forced into actions they wish they never wanted to do. The examples Goodman provided leans towards all actions of human man-kind being in the wrong. Are non-Americans in the wrong too?

Forcing someone to do your dirty work, getting married to a complete stranger, violence to you and your family, and desperately looking for a way out every day are all signs of slavery. Is being someone's slave right or wrong? This is a very touchy subject for me because I truly agree that this is wrong and unfair to any human being. Woman and children are forced to work on farmland and into forced marriages and the men are forced to work harder labor in construction and hard non-gratifying labor.

I certainly wouldn't agree if I was taken along with my children to work on a farm. We wouldn't get paid minimal wage like we would in America. To work for someone else who yells at you and slaps you around isn't the kind of work I would be into ever. I would see this being wrong because the fact all human are equal no matter the race, beliefs, and/or where you're from, but this isn't the case today or has it ever been.

In other countries there is slavery still present today. I remember I have met a man who came to America to visit his family from Italy. He told me that there are some women who live in Italy being slaves. I couldn't believe my ears. Being young and only hearing about slavery in high school wasn't a big deal because it was about the slavery in the past. It upsets me to hear it still goes on today.

Goodman had some interesting and wise facts that are proven that human misery and dissatisfaction still exists. Goodman quoted, "False promises of employment, imposed debt, sequestered identity documents, and fear of immigration authorities being frequent" (Goodman, L. 2010).

When your forced in an action where you become vulnerable, not in control of what's happening to you and your body, feeling no compassion, hurt, not worthy of who is in your space. You are getting raped and this is the wrong thing anyone could do to somebody. Women are the example Goodman wrote who are constant victims of this heroic act.

Goodman quoted, "Rape is exploitative, objectifying, and yes, again violative" (Goodman, L. 2010). Rape is neither loving nor caring and it can shatter someone's sexuality forever. Many women may conceive a child because of this act and others may become infected from the partner who raped them with AIDS. You cannot just forget being raped as a neither child nor adult in your lifetime. It is forever apart of you that you carry throughout your love life until



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