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Let's Travel to the Moon

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Essay Preview: Let's Travel to the Moon

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Let's Travel to the Moon

Have you ever wondered about space travel? I'm in college still wondering. My name is Amanda Luke, I'm twenty years old, and I am studding astronomy. My father divorced my mother and she blames it all on me. That is why I live in a college dorm away from the situation. My day is simple, I wake up, go to biology, eat breakfast with one of my classmates, Manuel, from biology, then I go to astronomy class. I love science but when it comes to blood I faint especially since I don't have any food in my system until after biology. Today just so happened to be the day we examine our own blood.

All I remember was the needle closing up on me, and then I blacked out. When I woke up I was in a bright room with two men staring down on me. One was a familiar face that I saw every day, Manuel, but the other was an oddly handsome man that was staring at me with big beautiful eyes. The weird part was that he looked familiar even though I never met him. His name as Jasper and I still couldn't take my eyes off of him. Something was telling me that I couldn't let him go. After that day we got talked almost every day and one day I brought him to breakfast with me and Manuel. Manuel didn't seem very happy when I did this because I know he's had a crush on me since the day we met in biology. While he walked me back to my dorm we were attacked by a horrible beat, Monica Renco. She's a very popular girl and has been chasing jasper for a long time, so when she saw that we were taking a stroll to my dorm she got very jealous. We got to my dorm and he said something that made me very suspicious, he said "I guess you are far from home, you know avoiding the situation... so am I that is why I'm leaving. Well goodnight I'll see you, maybe," and he left. First of all how did he know about my situation back home and second of all, were could he possibly be going.

Looking back to our conversation as I walked to my door, it seemed like he knew me too much. Something wasn't right, so I decided to follow him. He went straight to the woods. As I walked through the tall trees I heard footsteps as if someone or something was following me. All of a sudden an immense light bursts through the trees, so I started running towards them. I got to where they were and found a huge crater and as I looked up I saw it, a large aircraft. Here I was with a large U.F.O over my head, an immense crater in front of me, and who knows what following me. Then when I didn't know what else to do a bright blue light comes out of this aircraft hovering over me and levitates me towards it. I slowly started leaving earth as I shut my eyes. Once I felt floor beneath my feet I opened my eyes to find Jasper standing two feet away with a concerned look on his face.

He took me to a room that seemed to be a kitchen and sat me down. We sat there in



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