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Traveling Essay

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Traveling serves as an escape from the hectic life that we face day to day. When I think about traveling, the excitement consumes me as I become aware of all exhilerating experiences that await.

First, traveling provides a level of freedom to which nothing else can compare. For example, I went to New Mexico with the Choctaw golf team and my parents didn't go; therefore, I had to be independent and take on new responsibilities that didn't involve a safety net. By becoming more independent, I acquired extra confidence and stability in myself. In addition, you are no longer obligated to fulfill the same routine required for your everyday life. Sleeping in as late as you want, reading countless hours, and site seeing on a beautiful afternoon suddenly becomes a reality.

Futhermore, you will witness liberating adventures that are cherished for a lifetime. For instance, while traveling with my family we stopped in California and visited the ocean and as I treaded across the beach at sunset with the soft white sand trickling between my toes I wondered if I was hallucinating. In an instant your dreams can be made real. One adventure will have your soul craving for thousands more. Throughout the time you venture, an internal change can occur in which your perspective of life alters. Perhaps you saw the world in black and white, but now see every color in between. As a result, this exposure builds you into a spontaneous, vivacious, and enlightened human being.

Lastly, the sights that are seen while traveling are captivating and can make a person flabbergasted. As an illustration, you may see the parade of sea life cruising in the multi-hued coral canyons, or you may peer down from the passenger basket of a hot air balloon as it takes you high into the sky. If you explore each place that you visit, then you will discover all of the amazing sites it has to offer, and in the process learn something historical or see something that has never met your eyes. For example, encountering people's customs, style of living, and determining the development of their country. Each site that is endured will come to be a memory within your heart.

All in all, traveling is a fun, carefree experience. It allows you to be in a stress free and tranquil environment. In the midst of your getaway, you will be amazed at all the wonderful things that life has in store.



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