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Lipitor or Atorvastatin

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Essay Preview: Lipitor or Atorvastatin

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The actual name of the drug is "atorvastatin". The name suggests that it is a "statin", which is a type of medication which blocks an enzyme in the liver, preventing it from creating cholesterol, in order to lower the cholesterol level in the body (Pfizer, 2010). By lowering the cholesterol, atorvastatin helps to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke and vascular disease by preventing the hardening of the arteries (EMedicine Health, 2010). Along with proper diet and exercise, Lipitor is proven to lower bad cholesterol by 39-60% (Pfizer, 2010). Certain things such as alcohol and grapefruit should be avoided while taking Lipitor to avoid disruption of the drugs designated duties.


This drug is Vitamin metabolite class as first generation of retinoid (Isotretinoin, 2007). Its main mechanism is to inhibit sebaceous gland differentiation and decrease sebaceous gland size. The main indication for administrating this medication is mainly treat severe nodular acne, reduces the amount of oil released by the oil glands in your skin and helps your skin renew itself quickly (Isotertinoin, 2007). It is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been taken without beneficial results. According to the nursing drug guide, Isotretinoin can cause side effects so before one begins taking it one should discuss with a doctor how severe the condition is. The main adverse effect and side effects of this drug : joint & back pain, feeling dizzy, drowsy, or nervous, dryness of the lips, mouth, nose, or skin; or cracking or peeling skin, itching, rash. If any of these serious effects occur, the medication should no longer be taken and and a doctor should be advised: depressed mood, blurred vision, severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, dark urine, nausea and vomiting( Isotertinoin, 2007). Accutane can cause severe, life-threatening birth defects. It should not be used during pregnancy. Breast feeding should be avoided as well as taking tetracylines. Accutane should not be administered to patients with liver or kidney disease ( "Isotertinoin" 2007).

Drug 1 Drug 2

Generic Name Atorvastatin Isotertinoin

Brand Name Lipitor Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret

Number of tablets or volume of package 100 tablets/80 mg 30 capsules

Routes of Administration Oral Oral

Normal Dosage Administrations One tablet daily, with or without meal 3 capsules daily

Drug Manufacturer Pfizer Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Drug Identification Number (DIN) 2295318 09011155

Lot Number &Expiry The lot # is 774399; Expiry date



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