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Lphi 1290 - Damnation Is only for Those Who Believe in Salvation

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Essay Preview: Lphi 1290 - Damnation Is only for Those Who Believe in Salvation

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Christina Renaud




Damnation is only for those who believe in Salvation;

Heaven is for those who believe in Hell.

Medical Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1907 dipped his research into the legendary debate of humans possessing souls. His experiment consisted of weighing people before they died several times to makes sure he had a constant, then again at the moment of their departure. The result was that each one lost approximately 21 grams, thus he reasoned that the difference in weight was the human soul. It was published in contemporary medical journals and even was made famous by the movie "21 Grams". Although today Dr. MacDougall's research is given little consideration due to the consideration that many scientific errors could have ocurred. Yet no one has repeated the experiment to confirm or prove it false.

("Does the Soul Exist? | Science | Epoch Times." Epoch Times | National, World, China, Sports, Entertainment News | Epoch Times. 7 Nov. 2008. Web. 03 Feb. 2011. <>.)

There is also the question is the human mind capable of making up something as complicated and profound as the idea of a soul. On the other hand look at all the idea's that authors, scientist, and philosophers have come up with.

Famous philosophers have argued for centuries about the existence of the soul. A lot of this debate was done before scientist gained their extensive knowledge of the human brain. Although this debate still rages on it seems science battering down the opposition with facts rather than theories.

Upon looking at the way the debates have evolved over the years from everyone having a soul and a chance of immortality to the catholic way of thinking that the soul is:

* "an extreme spirituality is attributed to "the perfect";

* immortality is conditional for the second class of souls, not an intrinsic attribute of all souls." (Catholic Encyclopedia)

It seems to me that once the idea of a soul came into being it was deemed heresy until it was twisted into something that only the "elite" could achieve. Also that immortality was only for God and anything else that implied that we were his equals, was thrown out.

. "The orthodox teacher had to emphasize:

* the soul's distinction from God and subjection to Him;

* its affinities with matter." (Catholic Encyclopedia)

It seems that while the church says



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