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Lucky Says "quaquaqua"

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We are sitting in a squalid theatre.

Lucky is talking.

Estragon "gogo", Vladimir "didi" and Pozzo are surely not listening to.

If you have not recognized it, we are talking about Lucky's speech in the Act I of "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

Who is Lucky? Lucky is Pozzo's servant/slave who is talked to like an animal.

Why his name is Lucky? Well, because in Modern World whereas Estragon, Vladimir and Pozzo have no fixed point, he has always a simple certainty: he must do what Pozzo orders.

So, Lucky is lucky.

From his long "joycean" speech, we can understand three important points:

a) the absence of God

b) the diminution of man

c) world as Chaos.

The first point is clearly expressed by references to a personal god, who is seen with "divine aphasia", "divine athambia" and "divine apathia".

From these point we understand the coldness, the silence, the imperturbability of a personal God.

The second point is very funny. As a matter of fact, lucky stumbles the words: "Acacacademy of Anthropopopometry".

In French, the sound results very similar to a childish expression of human's excrements.

The last point is linked to the second, because if man is getting smaller and smaller, the concerning universe gets bigger and bigger.

So, man loses his certainties and he sees his world as a chaotic and hostile reality.

In conclusion the only thing we can say about our poor,miserable, dying existence is "quaquaqua".



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