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Macro Paper - Technologes in Health Care

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Essay Preview: Macro Paper - Technologes in Health Care

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As time goes by, technology is always changing. Technology has always been changing every second when someone invents something to be replaced. As for healthcare, technology has made a large impact in todays world. U.S. healthcare experts have increasingly agreed that effective application of information technology can enable the industry to address some cost, medical errors, and home care.

The cost of the technology worries U.S. Americans. As of right now the economy is not producing at its full potential. Some of the concerns that Americans have are how much money this will take to replace everything with technology? A lot has been changing with healthcare and prices of healthcare increasing to make a difference for the patients. But like stated above, technology is always being replaced. With that being said, it's costly to make sure that health care providers have up to date equipment in their offices or at homes. There are also concerns with the cost of software/hardware training during the early implementation. The most important cost is making sure the employees have the correct training done. If the employee doesn't understand how to use a computer to input data, this can cause the information to be lost. Some employees may find that the system is hard to use even if they had enough training for it. This all comes back to cost because there is more money spent on machines and less money on employee training so they can't even use it.

Another barrier to adopting healthcare information technology is the medical errors. Experts and patients are concerned that the system would create errors to patient information. This can cause a huge scare for healthcare patients. Having this barrier in technology, the healthcare system needs to make sure the system is up to date and maintained correctly. Also, having technology being used can also get a virus into their systems that will cause a system malfunction. Which can cause lost data for a patient profile or create false information. There can also be errors in the system if the employee does not know how to input information into the system. This all ties back with cost because healthcare needs to make sure all employees are trained in this field.

Third barrier is home healthcare. This is important due to the fact that you need to share healthcare information with all employees. The easiest way to stay organized is by electronic healthcare information system. These systems are integrated, computer-assisted systems that are able to collect, store, and organize patient information. These systems hold considerable promise for assisting with clinical decision makers across the healthcare team but their potential has yet to be fully realized. Another barrier that ties with this barrier is that information systems are complex, not user friendly. When a machine is not user friendly, an employee would just get the job done. This can create a lot of errors to be done



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