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Magic of the Moment

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Each year cheerleading tryouts approach very quickly and the nerves of every girl trying out are so high. The week of cheer tryouts all you can think about is cheerleading. Making varsity is the goal most girls aim for during tryouts. I know for a fact it is my goal each year.

During the year all the cheerleaders try to perfect every category of cheerleading so that way when it comes March, tryout month, they can attempt a perfect score. Sometimes things can go wrong, such as messing up a dance, or munching a tumbling pass. This is the worst thing that can possibly happen. You have one shot to show the judges you are meant to be a varsity cheerleader and every point counts. If you mess up, you can't redo the tryout, that's it. The week of tryouts my stomach spins round and round. My thoughts are everywhere and the thought of trying out gets my heart beating. Entering the gym the day of tryouts is bittersweet. There are three judges in the middle of the gym and you. That's it. You enter and exit by yourself.

As I waited in the hallway by the gym, I could hear one of my friends do her cheer in the gym, that's how loud she was. My hands were shaking and my stomach was turned into knots. I felt sick and nervous. Waiting made it worse. All I wanted to do was get it over with.

It was my turn to go in. As I walked in I waited for the judges to turn their heads towards me and give me an "ok, you're next" look. Five seconds later the judges turned their heads and looked at me. I do all the categories in order from spiriting in, to spiriting out. I perform everything I need to. In the gym, I can't even think, and all my butterflies go away. My nerves just float away and all I want to do is show the judges that I am made to be a cheerleader. Each category goes by and I feel so confident finishing up all of them. As I walked out all I could do was scream.



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