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Management and Leadership

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CHAPER 7: Management and Leadership

1.) As a manager how do you deal with everyday decision making?

2.) What leadership style do you think is the best suited for your work environment Autocratic, Participative or free-rein and why?

CHAPER 2: How Economic Issues Affect Business

1.) How has the resins economical struggle affected your company?

2.) How did your company recover from it?

CHAPER 5 Forms of Business Ownership

1.) What were some of the franchise agreement that you had to agreed on?

2.) What are some of the pro and cone of them ?

CHAPER 1 Managing Within the Dynamic Business Environment

1.) Hw do you deal with competition?

2.) And what strategies do you need to overcome them?

CHAPER 6 Entrepreneurship and Starting A Small Business

1.) What made you want to get in to this field?

2.) What risks did you face when you did so?


C7-1) A Manager And Decision Making

Every situation call for a different way for you to deal with those situation, an example is if a customer has a problem with the services you cannot stand there and fight over who is right and who is wrong, but you have to look at the situation from their point of view and treat them how you would like someone to treat you.

C7-2) What It Take To Be A Leader

The best type of leadership would have to be participative because the work environment is like a home, if you try to control everything it will create a hostile work environment but if you can give everyone an equal say it will make them feel more important and make them want to work harder. There also three steps he loves to go by 1) he state the concern 2) he show an example and when he finished evaluating the situation he makes a decision to buy in or not.

C2-1) Economical Struggle

It made them change the way that they did there business it made them more educated and more focus on that was important.

C5-1) Franchise Agreement

With a franchise agreement there many thing you got to look at. He told me that it felt like he had to go through a thousand page document. Some of the franchise agreement where that he was not allowed to change any of the set prices that Toyota has put and he was not



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