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Management and Leadership

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Management and Leadership

What is management? Management is the ability to organize and control. "Management is responsibility for the performance of a group of people," (Hill, Lineback. 2009 page 4). Managers assess the group or individuals to determine the correct method to maximize task performance. The managerial role is to develop the lower levels through accommodating resources and attention.

What is leadership? Leadership can be many different things all sharing the same purpose, to lead. Leadership can be an individual who guides the way for followers. For the most part a leader is someone who many look up to. Leaders possess many different skills which define the individuality of each leader. A skill of a leader may be the ability of gaining trust from others and/or acquiring a large group of followers. "Leadership is using yourself as an instrument to get things done in the organization, so it is about self-development," (Hill, Lineback. 2009. Page 4).

The combined skills of leadership and management can offer an organization the benefit of strength and competitive edge. Through necessity comes the need for leading managers. A great manager is a leader and has obtained following followers, (Bateman, Snell. 2011 Leading Mobilizing People, page 422).

In most cases organizations are seeking leaders who have the ability to manage. A leader can be great and good, but what defines the difference? A good leader may possess the skills to gain trust amongst others and still only having the knowledge to keep an organization afloat. While a great leader possesses the trust of others and also has the ability to supersede the competition.

Organizational Culture - Anna

Organization culture is the set of important assumptions about the organization and its goals and practices that members of the company's share (Bateman, Snell (2011). Though cultures may be different from company to company, the principal is the same. How the employees work and behave will affect the performance and the practices of the company.

Balancing the culture of a company can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. According to Bateman, Snell (2011), a strong culture can be an advantage to the organization if the behaviors it encourages and facilitates are appropriate ones. If a company has unsuitable behaviors, it will hinder the company or the organization. A company that inspires innovation and the devotion to its customer service as well as conveys rooted behaviors and focuses on its mission, and its values will be successful.

However, a company's culture may need to change as it grows and has more competition. The company may need to look at its culture and make decisions on how it handles issues and how employees work. According to Juli (2010), the proper alliance between the employees will build a better relationship and appropriate working environment in the company. In eliminating confusion, bad performance, and conflict it will support and encourage the goals of the company and its environment, while making the company



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