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Managerial Accountants - Multiple Choice Questions

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Essay Preview: Managerial Accountants - Multiple Choice Questions

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1. Managerial accountants:

A. rarely become involved in an organization's decision-making activities.

B. make decisions that focus solely on an organization's accounting matters.

C. collect data and provide information so that decisions can be made.

D. often serve as a cross-functional team member, making a wide range of decisions.

E. become involved in activities "C" and "D."

Answer: E LO: 1 Type: RC

2. Factors in a decision problem that cannot be expressed in numerical terms are:

A. qualitative in nature.

B. quantitative in nature.

C. predictive in nature.

D. sensitive in nature.

E. uncertain in nature.

Answer: A LO: 2 Type: RC

3. At which step or steps in the decision-making process do qualitative considerations generally have the greatest impact?

A. Specifying the criterion and identifying the alternatives.

B. Developing a decision model.

C. Collecting the data.

D. Making a decision.

E. Identifying the alternatives.

Answer: D LO: 2 Type: RC

4. An accounting information system should be designed to provide information that is useful. To be useful the information must be:

A. qualitative rather than quantitative.

B. unique and unavailable through other sources.

C. historical in nature and not purport to predict the future.

D. marginal between two alternatives.

E. relevant, accurate, and timely.

Answer: E LO: 2 Type: RC

5. To be useful in decision making, information should possess which of the following characteristics?

Relevance Accuracy Timeliness

A. Yes No Yes

B. Yes Yes No

C. Yes Yes Yes

D. No Yes Yes

E. No No Yes

Answer: C LO: 2 Type: RC

6. A trade-off in a decision situation sometimes occurs between information:

A. accuracy and relevance.

B. relevance and uniqueness.

C. accuracy and timeliness.

D. sensitivity and accuracy.

E. sensitivity and relevance.

Answer: C LO: 2 Type: RC

7. Which of the following best defines the concept of a relevant cost?

A. A past cost that is the same among alternatives.

B. A past cost that differs among alternatives.

C. A future cost that is the same among alternatives.

D. A future cost that differs among alternatives.

E. A cost that is based on past experience.

Answer: D LO: 3 Type: RC

8. Consider the following costs and decision-making situations:

I. The cost of existing inventory, in a keep vs. disposal decision.

II. The cost of special electrical wiring, in an equipment acquisition decision.

III. The salary of a supervisor who will be transferred elsewhere in the organization, in a department-closure decision.

Which of the above costs is (are) relevant to the decision situation noted?

A. I only.

B. II only.

C. III only.

D. I and II.

E. II and III.

Answer: B LO: 3 Type: N

9. The following costs are relevant to the decision situation cited except:

A. the cost of hiring a full-time staff attorney, in a decision to establish an in-house legal department or retain the services of a prominent law firm.

B. the remodeling cost of existing office space, in a firm's decision to stay at its current location or move to a new building.

C. the long-term salary costs demanded by Joe Torrez (a superstar) and Rip Moran (an average player) in baseball contract negotiations, in a decision that determines the amounts by which ticket prices must be raised.

D. the cost to enhance an airline's Web site, in a decision to expand existing service to either Salt Lake City or Phoenix.

E. the commissions that could be earned by a salesperson, in a decision that involves salesperson compensation methods (i.e., commissions or flat monthly salaries).

Answer: D LO: 3 Type: N

10. Which of the following costs can be ignored when making a decision?

A. Opportunity costs.

B. Differential costs.

C. Sunk costs.

D. Relevant costs.

E. All future costs.

Answer: C LO: 4 Type: RC

11. The



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