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Managing Cultural Variations in Counselling

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Essay Preview: Managing Cultural Variations in Counselling

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Investigate the culture, the subtleties that present in body language, eye contact, how to greet a man , woman from the same culture and how we communicate effectively with that culture.

Investigate the dynamics of that culture, past, current what's gone on for that culture, current changes to that culture, identify how influenced, the interest and involvement that the client may have to their

own culture.

Identify specifically how Australia has taken to that culture, or oppressed that culture.

Look at my own values within my culture; be free to express the desire for equality.

To look at things such as trust, trust is earn't, it takes time....

Work with themes such as connection whether they are, black, white, female or male.

Identify cultural differences, gender differences ,and look at solutions, but making sure that I'm subtle with my direction it could offend if I'm forceful.

Work with my intent that we are no different from each other, equal, connected and not divided.

Ask my co-workers with their experiences with similar cultural differences and how they managed.

I would personally tap into what they are passionate about within their culture and help them bring this forward in therapy working with joy they have felt within their own culture.

If I was working with indigenous people,

I would look at the following,

Identify a balance of equality in the professional relationship.

Identify my body language, tonality, and posture was natural but allowing for cultural subtlties .

Help them connect to their personal power , Identify with them that have a significant role in their own therapy, nurture their strengths, deep spiritual connections, identity, and intuition.

Ensuring that I'Sm a facilitator to help them and of equal standing with them.

My intent is to bridge the gap, if there is a gap.

With any cultural issues I may have I would need to do a self inventory first before taking on a client.

If I'm unresolved within myself about race and cultural issues, I would ask myself the question

how can I be of service and be of benefit to this person? What do I need to do to overcome this?

Often clients such as this can be a catalyst



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