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Marketing 4 P's and 5 C's - Cfl Compact Fluorescent Lamps

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Essay Preview: Marketing 4 P's and 5 C's - Cfl Compact Fluorescent Lamps

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Marketing 4 P's and 5 C's

Product selected: CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Product/Service: (Features, quality, service, support, product line etc.)

For the customer in need of energy saving lamp without compromising on Lumen output CFL is the best solution to their need. Another advantage apart from energy saving is it is compact in size. Both the specialty of the product makes the product unique in itself. This product has elegant look than then normal lamps. It can fit in the same holder as of normal bulb. No extra choke and blast is required. It comes in various shapes major are U-shape, Pie-shape, Spiral shape. It is also available in different colors. It can be used as the replacement of normal light. CFL with it's power saving ability can be profitable to customer if they use it for 4000hrs. Their life guaranteed by company is 6000hrs. CFL has guarantee period of 15 months.

Place: (channel of distribution, exclusive vs. intensive, etc.)

CG has good penetration in the market; with extensive Pan-India network any all varieties are available at the dealers end. To filter the duplicate lamps customer should buy from the certified CG dealers. Across India there are more than 1500 certified dealers for CG CFL .It is also available in most of the Mega-store. Sales force is required to create awareness in dealers and which will result into awareness in customers. CG has reputation of making high quality lamps. Market return trend is least for CG among the lighting Industry. But CG has to face competition because of it's slightly higher cost.

Price: (list price, discount, deals, both end-user and channel)

Cost of CFL ranges from the 100-700 it depends on the Wattage. CFL has are sold at same rate without any preference to place. MRP is nearly same as competitor. Discount is given on some lamps to promote the sale or to clear the stock. A Material to sales ratio is maintained such that cost of supply channel is recovered .Seasonal discount schemes is given in festive seasons. Customers are price sensitive so much price variation may result into sales loss. But quality product gives us edge although being bit higher in price.

Promotion: (advertising, sales force, brochures, coupons, etc.)

To understand customer demand Promotional activities are like dealers meet are done. To reach end customers advertisement are done through TV, Radio, Glow shine Board and Wall Paintings. Promotion is done throughout year but light consumption increases significantly in Festive season so Aug- Dec is the major Season and promotional activities also need to be at its max. Various promotional schemes are run so that sales can be raised also close look on competitor strategy is kept so



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