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Marketing Case

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What do you associate with the term "Marketing??

Marketing is all about positioning, branding, imaging, advertising a product or a service at the right time and at the right place. Some local and global brands have a very effective branding strategy and hence are good marketers of their products.

Marketing is dependent on various factors like products, pricing, cultures, target consumers and technology. The cultures differ across not only continents but across nations as well. For example, in India, it is considered ethically wrong to kiss and hug a woman whereas it doesn't imply the same in western countries like UK, USA and even China. Physical gesture of moving head side to side is not considered a disagreement. Again a very different gesture but considered a sign of good hospitality is when you are plied with food and drinks. If in India, always take less in the first helping. People wear western clothes professionally but the dress code still ought to be conservative in modernisation. It is very common to come across delays and cancellations in meetings which is not the same elsewhere. Networking is very important as it is a key for getting to the top and getting all work done.

Earlier the marketing mix consisted of only 4 p's which have now become 7. The marketing mix is an important piece of work to be kept in mind while developing marketing strategies.

It is possible to market a product and a service. Here the question of tangibility and intangibility arises. Marketing a product or a service brand can depend entirely on its usage.



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