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Marketing Manager’s Awareness of Mpi Software

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Essay Preview: Marketing Manager’s Awareness of Mpi Software

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The marketing managers are those who cater all the responsibilities of planning and implementation of strategies in order to retract as well those issues that have been creating by external surroundings. One should be aware of every pros and cons of the project that they are handling because without taking command on that particular project it’s not easy to handle your sub-ordinates. His marketing plan should be so much influential that every employee under him will make their part with full devotion because plan shows the outline of your overall marketing efforts, so for making it more impending the use of different software’s and its relevancy to it would be very abundant for the sake of the company Keen and Scott Morton (1978). If anyone uses software for the marketing execution their core motive would be to increase the productivity by using software. The major portion of the planning promotions to market their product not been spending on the basic concept of the activity but on the supplementary communication. The key components that makes firms shuffling from product-based to customer-based organization is that it adopt the  CRM that leads  it towards the maximization and optimality of profits margins and give giant revenues (Lockard & Deighton, 1998). Whereas on the other side ERP systems helps companies to enrich their customer-service and ease their systems of marketing cycle it will benefit them in the form to  retain their consumption of time which helps them to allocate the retain time towards their productivity Bogart (1984). It is observe that marketing managers tend to have more responsibility then others and have to be more aware and be more updated towards every single technology that happens in the world of technology and have access to each problem to search for their solution as well. It would be the best decision to be more updated and stick to the technological advancement because it may enhance the productive side of the firm and hence it gets firm to the best fallouts for the sake of the firm.

In order to demonstrate the best possible picture of the company manager make their work with more efforts so that they may become the role model for the rest of organization employees. If we go through the concept of ERP system then it makes the way easier, its usage makes the managers provided with more ease because it may decrease the work load that may affect them by accomplishing their best for the organization Al-Mashari and Zairi (2000). By putting ERP system within your work then it put an end to the work that involves human labor but ERP usage continue to reduce this number and do the job of many human by itself alone. (Al-Mashari &Zairi, 2000, Aladwani 1999, Aladwani, 1998).

Many of the organizations have been using the different enterprise resource planning systems since the 1990’s to attain proper standardized information systems in their particular organizations to work better for their business process. Rajagopal, (2002). The significance of our research is to find out the proper implementation of Marketing Planning software’s and the effects of the marketing planning and implementation software’s awareness, access and its utility on Marketing Managers.


To study the effects of Marketing Manager’s awareness, access and perceived utility for using MPI software.

  1. H1:  There is an effect of Marketing Manager’s awareness of MPI software on the use of MPI Software by Marketing Managers.
  2. H2: There is an effect of marketing manager’s access of MPI software by Marketing Managers.
  3. H3= There is an effect of marketing manager’s perceived utility of MPI software on the use of MPI software by Marketing Managers.

The basic Objective of this research is to study the Marketing Manager’s awareness, access and their perceived utility for the marketing planning and implementation software’s. As Marketing Managers are the sole judges of the effectiveness of the software’s being used so they should be aware of the current technology being used in the organization because they are the ones who can alter its efficiency because at the end of the day they are the end users. (S Shang & P B Seddon, 2002). 

Due to the increasing use of technology, many business challenges and opportunities enabled the marketing managers to seek e-business methodologies in order to obtain edge over competition. Without software awareness, marketing managers won’t know about its availability and the significance on their lives. Robert R. Harmon (2003). The objective of our research is to find out the effects of MPI software’s awareness on marketing manager’s way of using software’s for the profitability of the organization.


Customer Relationship Management:

CRM is a model which manages different companies’ relation with current and future customers, which involves technology to classify, coordinate and integrate marketing services.

Enterprise Resource Planning System:

ERP system synthesize internal and external of management across an integrated organization.


Marketing is a job that requires a creative and composed framework altogether. In the soaring demand and supply configuration today, it has become immensely important for the marketers to back themselves with intelligent, reliable & effective software’s.  Nevertheless, the awareness of the software’s must be as active, their usage as effective and the understanding of their importance as vital, as the software’s themselves. Business managers / Marketing managers are the sole judges of the effectiveness of the software being used. Also, they are the ones who can alter its efficiency because at the end of the day they are the main user.  

Different Organizations, today, are investing in Enterprise System Software (ESS). Different Marketing Planning and implementation (MPI) software’s include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain management (SCM), Product Lifestyle Management (PLM), and E-procurement software’s. Though among all, ERP software’s are considered most important S Shang and P B Seddon, (2002). If light is drawn on the fact that when the need for such software’s and Information systems (IS) was actually realized, it comes in knowledge that in 2008, organizations’ investments on information technology (IT) boosted and their budgets kept on augmenting, even in the facade of prospective economic downturns.



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