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Marketing Section Head - Crm in Retailing Business

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Essay Preview: Marketing Section Head - Crm in Retailing Business

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CRM in Retailing Business..

Now in such globalization, econsumer and free shipping from anywhere from the world, it is becoming very competitive for retailers to compete. Based on product availability that is mainly done by the product manufacturer in order to increase market presence and sales increase, you find yourself exposed to a lot of retailing chains all selling same content with slit difference in prices. So what makes you go and buy from a specific store?

It is all about the service and how you are being handled as a customer. No one will ever complain if you find that your favorite store remembered you on your birthday with a gift or a special discount, and you will find this is usually being done by flower shops or desert stores by sending you a cake or candy bouquet.

How much does it put you at ease when you call your mobile operator and you find that he calls you by your name; it certainly makes you a bit feeling welcomed or popular. One of the best cases in applying CRM is Ritz Carlton, you know that if you have special requirements in your bed or pillow, the next time you check at any Ritz Carlton they will get you the same requirements you asked for on your very first night even it was years back!

CRM is not a loyalty program or pointing system, CRM is building a direct personalized relationship with your customer as if you know him from somewhere other than buying from you. So it's not a discount card or promotion that builds the relationship.

One of the success indicators for Retailing is the number of transaction done by the same customer over period of time. The repurchase is the key, and you will never be able to make customer repurchase unless you have built a real relationship with him.



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