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Martin Luther King Speech

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Around 1620, millions of Africans were taken from their homes and transported to America and sold as slaves. All this was for profit of greed. The African were forced to work in harsh conditions, their allowance was little food and clothes. The North won over the South and soon enough slavery was abolished in the south as well.

After the Civil War, the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provided the right for black people to vote. However, this amendment would collapse. The reasons for the collapse were that the white voters in the south didn't approve of the black men voting for racial reasons, and because of this racial discrimination still occurred. The African Americans still had no rights, were treated poorly and were segregated from the whites.

However, a great man changed the way black people were treated. Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, USA in 1929. He was born into a country where practically every southern state was segregated, a divided and unequal system made up the educational, economic, political and social landscape of the Old South. This within a nation which declared all men equal, which had promised freedom and equal protection for all, a nation which had built its wealth upon the backs of slaves.

Martin Luther King believed that God made black and white people equal. Being an African American himself, he grew tired of being pushed around and treated badly by white people. This is why King sought non-violent ways to put an end to racial discrimination, such as protests.



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