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Maslow Hierarchy

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According to Maslow hierarchy, the basic need the Shank's old boss fail to meet is self-actualization. Their old bosses lacked motivation, and thus if they kept their employees motivated they would actually work to their full potential. "I have struggled with motivation," (Shank). Shanks bosses only showed up to the job to complete the task, it was not part of them. When you do not show that you are part of the team that negatively will show up in your employees work effort. "So it's not that it's better than nothing, but they do still recognize the contribution, even if I'm not quite getting it right," (Griffin). So, to explain the old bosses did not seek knowledge from their employees. The Equity theory is used if feeling underpaid might affect work by focusing on determining whether the distribution of resources is fair to both relational partners. Equity is measured by the ratios of contributions and benefits of each person within the relationship. Hygiene factors that I can identify that are being met within Flight 001's work environment based on the comments made by the employees in the video meet most of the hygiene. If the manager allows for the employees to make decisions and voicing their opinion will increase their self-esteem. In the video it shows that the employees respect each other. They have a good relation and they choose recruitments that are fit for the environment that they worked in. It also increases the employees esteem about their work.



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