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Mass Media Effects of People

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Essay Preview: Mass Media Effects of People

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The world is being staged. By many who don't believe it; believe it. Mass media does own your lifestyles, children, and even parents and grandparents. In concusion, we must be aware of what is taking our freedoms and will powers away from us, by just(not)listening to advertisments and radio "hits" of our century.

One, the fire that burns our viewers in the television age and static airwaves is ,in fact, a missing piece in the puzzle inside evey human being; satisfaction and being fullfilled with acceptance. Our contry is filling the gaps massed with hair products, make-up lines, clothing, to even the shoes we wear on our feet! They are all in a closed area controled by the sponsers and money making dirtbags, who love to spend their wallet money themselves and need more to fullfill THEIR needs and THIER own interpitation of acceptance.

Second, the teleivisons broadcasting thousands of channels produce millions of advertising program, enough to get American in the 21st century out of dept and then some, are broadcasting the wrong message to everyone. "Spend spend spend! Buy buy buy! Consume consume consume!" Although, our country is in dying need of help, the men in bureaucratic ties are already living the dream, money wise; they are perfectly fine with thier pay checks and discounts, ripping off millions of Americans who live off of unemployment checks and food stampes.

Third, the music "bizz" is all a lie. Whatever they want you to hear, the pay others to write. Get it? Think of a rapper influencing kids by the beats and sounds, then turning a total three-hundered sixty on them by saying "Yo, I where these Nike, cuz Ima cool guy! I wear these Ray Bans cuz Ima chill man!"..... PRODUCT SOLD!

So, how the hell can we fix this media crisis in america? Mmm, we can't. Just turn down the teleivsion when your network feature is cut short for a session with the global markets and instead, make family time, opened with love and make caring for one another visiable to the people sitting in the room.

That's all this message is. Love for you, by me. I am Kenny Brauer and I approve this message.



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