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Measuring Hr Impact at Wells Fargo

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Essay Preview: Measuring Hr Impact at Wells Fargo

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Case: measuring HR impact at wells Fargo

1. Question: As the CEO would you accept the result?

Answer: As the CEO of the organization I would like to accept these results. Managing strategic human resource practices and processes, superbly, is a means of gaining competitive advantage through one of a company's most significant assets: its people. This case describes a regional-driven measurement project that determined the effect of an integrated group of HR practices and processes -- known as People as a Competitive Advantage, or PACA. These practices also include leadership training. I believe that it is a "bundle" of integrated HR practices. Overall the measurement imitative sought to determine whether PACA would provide and enduring source of competitive advantage to wells Fargo as a function of improved employee commitment, strengthened customer loyalty, and enhanced financial performance.

2. Question: As the CEO, would you increase the HR budget to implement PACA?

Answer: As the CEO, I would like to increase the HR budget to implement PACA because there is a strong links between PACA usage and measures of employee commitment, satisfaction and productivity, which is very important for achieving goals. PACA tools and practices increased the revenue per FTE (number of full time employees). It will help to reduce turnover. Overall PACA helps to improve ROE and ROA and ER (efficiency ratio) which measures how much it costs the bank to generate one dollar revenue.



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