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Media's Role in Children

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Essay Preview: Media's Role in Children

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"Children receive strong cultural messages about sex-appropriate traits, tasks, and behaviors" (Egendorf Pg. 21)

Since its creation, the media has influenced the lives of many people. The media in forms of Television, Videos, and Magazines has had a negative impact on the American teenage society in terms of sexual activity. Due to the high motivations and towering demands of sexual activity, a teenager is more likely to engage in such actions because of the appeals the media administers.

Television shows such as, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, promote sexual activity among teens. In this show, they provide the ideal parents a teenager wishes to have, the parent that encourages their son or daughter to be sexually active. Such superlative thoughts encourage the teenager to yearn for similar lives and become sexually attracted to the opposite sex thus engaging in sexual intercourse. MTV broadcasts other shows that persuade the teenage mind to develop feelings of sexual attractiveness for another person. The show 16 and Pregnant, now called Teen Mom adds another influence to the developing mind of the teenager while demoting the values that oppose their opinions. The show in this channel exposes many ideas of what a perfect relationship should be like. In the show Teen Mom, they make the statement "If there is no sexual attractiveness there is no love." (Teen Mom-Farah) These statements refine the teenager's values and put forward that sexual activity is essential for a stable relationship.

Videos engage in the equation of sexual activity. Coming in ranges, music videos and sex tapes create significant thoughts in the teenage mind to advertise sex. Music videos are to be held responsible for their advertisements sexual intercourse. "[Using slang as their main choice of words, the artists reach individuals and convince one of the majesties that associate with the actions of sexual intercourse.]" (Leonard Pg.21) The teenager then induces such euphoric feelings that consequently result in sexual activity. With half naked females dancing around them, these artists persuade the teenager to engage in what they call "love" (LL Cool J), but do they really want to preserve love or just their own image? Sex tapes also interfere with the moral values of chastity. "[Pornography expresses unrealistic passions and emotions.]" (Cousins Pg.97) The fantasies created by these videos are then indulged as feelings of love forming sexual interests in the young mind. Sex tapes encourage ambiguous perspectives on sexual values where it is crucial to be sexually active; this results in more sexual activity among teenagers.

Magazines encourage the idea of intense sexual activity. Selling more than ever, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen use images and cover stories to advertise sex for people of all ages. Without any censorship



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