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Media Reaction Paper

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Media Reaction Paper

Remember the Titans is a movie that came out in 2000. The movie plot inspires different measures, and the movie plot was superficial from a dialog written by Gregory Allen Howard about a new coach of the Titans, Bill Yoast was previously the football teams White coach. A new coach Herman Boone played by Denzel Washington a Black individual who starts coaching the team, and the Titans team is a diverse group of Black and White players. Throughout the movie I thought they did a good job on representing not only diversity in the media but also the diversity that Coach Boone tried very hard to achieve.

The movie was directly about diversity in a high school football team and discovers domestic topics, such as racism, discrimination, and athletics. I think the movie had much in common with diversity represented in the American Landscape. The brawls that rise from the racial diversity are reflective within the team and centers on the attempts from the coach to create unity throughout team members black or white. The Black and White players of the football team commonly clash in racially driven encounters at the Titans football camp, but with their vigorous training and after influential persuading and laborious athletic training by Coach Boone. The team achieves both racial coherence and victory. Not only is the team players faced with racial prejudice but also Coach Boone is also facing a challenge from a threat from a school board member, which he was told if he loses a game he will lose his job. After a season the Titans were undefeated while battling racial prejudice, but the team gains the community's support slowly not letting diversity interfere.

Media stereotypes are foreseeable, especially in television and film, which requests as wide of an audience as possible to express information. Stereotypes in the media are clues for the audience to give them a quick understanding of a group of people; usually concerning to class, ethnicity, gender, social role, or occupation. Stereotypes can nevertheless be problematic by reducing a rage of diverse people to a simple category making assumptions about making them realisms and perpetuate social prejudice and inequality. The Titans is no different the movie uses stereotypes to represent key characters in the movie. Coach Boone's role as a head coach of young men in a high school coaching a diverse group of boys helped not only the team and coaches but also the fans to come together and overcome any racial beliefs affecting his social role to succeed. Remember the Titans have a pronounced focus on the spotlights that the media was giving the team everywhere they would travel to play football. It was not only a challenge to the players to play with their own team players from another race but also with the audience and the players from other teams that would tell them racial slurs.

I believe that the motion picture



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