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Memories of Mathematics

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Essay Preview: Memories of Mathematics

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Your earliest memories of mathematics or number:

I would say my earliest memory of mathematics and numbers would be around the age of 5. My mom would give me 2 dollars to go in the store with and I would figure out exactly how many pieces of bubble gum that money would buy me.

Your elementary and junior high experiences:

Math was always really easy for me. I always found ways to turn math into real life situations. When I was younger I really enjoyed math, because it was so easy for me. My favorite activities had to be problem solving. I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out the problem at hand. One of my most memorable moments was in 5th grade we had a math competition in which I won.

Your high school experiences:

When I was in high school I had Algebra, Geometry, and pre-calculus. Although math had always come easy to me I had one year that I really struggled, my sophomore year I had geometry and the teachers methods really messed me up. She put us in groups for the whole year and I just wasn't able to get anything out of it. I was independent when it came to working on math problems. I always thought of it as a challenge me versus the problem. But with that class I just wasn't able to focus. As for the other classes I never had any real problems. I managed to have no less than a 96 in any of the other math classes I took. During my high school years I didn't compete in any math competitions mainly because I played football, and I'm sure as most would know that took up any and all of my extra time.

Calculator/ computer experiences:

I have used graphing calculators before, and I think they are amazing. I was able to use them all through high school. I think that being able to use a calculator is wonderful.

Your expectations for the year:

My expectations for this year are simple. I sign up for this class because I need it to graduate. I expect this semester more than any other to be the most challenging one of my college career. It's been 11 years since I've been in a math class so getting back in the groove of things may take some time. My goals are simple for this class, PASS!! Since I haven't taken a math course in 11 years the other goal I have is to really just reconnect with the past and how I was able to breeze through math courses. After finishing this class though I will not be taking any other math related courses.

Other things that the instructor need to know:

Other things you may need to know about me. I'm very involved with my youth group. I spend a lot of time doing that when I leave work. I learn math the best by myself. It's kind of like watching a golfer. It's just them versus the course they are playing. Well



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