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Mental Health

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Essay Preview: Mental Health

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University Consultation & Treatment Center maintains its Central Office at 1020 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10451. Program sites are at 2269 Tiebout Avenue and 690 East 147th Street also in the Bronx. Scattered site apartments are all located in Bronx County.

UCC operates an Outpatient Psychiatric clinic; an OMH Licensed Apartment Treatment Program for Adults; OMH sponsored supported housing programs for adults; special needs supported housing programs for adults and families as well as a blended Case Management program. UCC is governed by a voluntary, non-paid Board of Directors. These individuals are all adults and U.S. citizens. The Chief Executive Officer for the organization is the Executive Director who is delighted the authority to run, manage implement all necessary and essential aspects of the organization and full time employee. The organization has 3 major divisions: OMH Housing, HRA Housing and the Outpatient clinic.

The division heads are part of the management team. Each division has its own structure and lines of command for accountability and proper functioning. The Quality Assurance Team is representative of all areas. University Consultation & Treatment Center maintains a team philosophy on all levels; Suggestions and recommendations for improvement, expansion and implementation come from all levels. The management team meets to address issues, policy, regulations and procedures. The board of Directors is consulted wherever necessary for their approval by the Executive Director.(Healy, 2010).


The mission statement of University Consultation & Treatment Center missions is as most non-for-profit treatment organizations, willingness to provide adequate ongoing treatment to individuals in and around the communities.

The mission of University Consultation Treatment Center is to provide help to individuals with a mental illness and substance abuse history lead a life with help to understand their disorder and ways to life a meaningful lifestyle. The basics of the treatment programs provided are group psychotherapy sessions, individual counseling sessions, and role modeling. As residents progressed, they received a few more duties of responsibilities, and earned a few more privileges. Those coming after them could see that others like themselves were gaining respect, and that their lives have a place in society although they have a mental illness. (Healy 2011).


The University Consultation & Treatment Center vision is to continue working on ways of improving the organization, and services provided to its clients by enhancing the quality of their lives by having a commitment to their recovery. Creating an atmosphere that promotes hope, self-determination, and dignity Having a dedication to meeting the mental health needs of the community through individualized services Promoting active partnerships



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