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Mgt 350 - Critical Thinking - Decision in Paradise, Part III

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Essay Preview: Mgt 350 - Critical Thinking - Decision in Paradise, Part III

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Decision in Paradise, Part III

MGT/350 Critical Thinking

July 21, 2011

Decision in Paradise, Part III

Thinking back into Decisions in Paradise I, Kava had been plagued with a series of unusual types of disasters. The residents in Kava were in need of urgent aid. I had just graduated on the Dean's List from the University of St. Louis. Then I was offered a once in a life time job, which I was most certain that I would turn down. But after talking to Alex, I felt it was my duty to help the people of Kava. Kava was hit by earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, and infected by AIDS/HIV. The homes in Kava were destroyed. It was the duty of McBride and Sons to help rebuild Kava one house at a time and get the people back on track to a normal life.

Since Kava was in need of aid so bad, we figured up a problem formulation to quickly assist these residents. McBride and Sons hired team leaders to work with specific parts of the business we had to perform in Kava. Leader A concentrated on the language and communication barrier. Leader B works directly with the government, local and international. Leader C worked with faith-based groups. Leader D worked with other local businesses. Alex and I managed over all Team Leaders.

In Decisions in Paradise Part II, McBride and Sons had to think of decision-making techniques to identify the solution to the problem. McBride and Sons also provided an analyses of specific steps in my decision making process. In that analyst McBride and Sons chose the Rational Decision making style to rebuild Kava. "Rational decision-making is based around a cognitive judgment to the pros and cons of various options. It is organized around selecting the most logical and sensible alternative that will have the desired effect. Detailed analysis of alternatives and a comparative assessment of the advantages of each is the order of the day." (, 2009)

We also gave a General Rational Decision making model.

1) Identified the problem - Kava had been hit with many disasters from tsunamis/tidal waves, earthquakes, typhoons'/hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, HIV/AIDS, Petroleum spill, high risk for avian flu, and terrorist attacks. Most of the residents' homes have been completely destroyed.

2) Gathering data and information-What is important and does not matter to the problem? Do we need anymore information before we can make a decision, or that will help us make the correct choice? Can McBride and Sons build homes and buildings to withstand most of these disasters?

3) Analyzed the situation-What interpretation of the data may



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