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Midsummer Night's Dream

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Essay Preview: Midsummer Night's Dream

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Living two completely different lives Helena and Hermia still agree and disagree upon certain things. The characters were raised differently but they somehow manage to overcome most of their differences. The two best friends show how they have made mistakes that end up damaging their childhood friendship.

"I will go tell him fair Hermia's flight...If I have thanks, it is a dear expense." Early on is the story Helena was sure to tell her father Hermia's plans to escape. Hermia was set on running away with Lysander to elope. Helena wasn't one with confidence, nor self respect. She was always complaining about Hermia's beauty and how she was able to get any man she went after. But Helena was wrong, she herself was beautiful, young, unmarried, and most importantly, in love. She was in love was Demetrius, the man who loved Hermia. But there was no way that was going to stop her, Helena was willing to betray her best friend, for a guy that hates her. She was selfish and didn't care how hurt Hermia would be after this heartbreak. In the end, Helena ends up happy, by the power of the magic.

Hermia was one to have all the confidence between the two characters. She had the beauty, but was self-conscious of her short stature. "Between out statures; she hath urged her height." In the quote Hermia is saying that Helena is much taller, and she feels that Helena will steal the men from her with her height. A major difference between the two is that Hermia's love is returned, she loves Lysander and he loves her back. But he cannot marry her openly, Egeus, her father, who wishes her to wed Demetrius, will not let them become a couple. Helena had full trust in Hermia. All of her deepest secrets were shared with Hermia. Helena had believed in their friendship.

Hermia is damaged deeply when the two men who normally swoon over her, leave her alone in the woods in the night to seek her childhood friend, Helena. She ends up winning, she marries Lysander with the wishes of Theseus, Hippolyta, and supposedly her father, Egeus, as well. Whereas Helena ends up with her beloved Demetrius, but only because of the magic potion. The two are still friends, but have gone separate ways in their lives, with the men they love.



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