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Mii Ture Thoughs

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.*-Mii Ture Thoughs-*

I Feel Like Cryin, Why Am I Feeling As If No One Cares "I Have o Point To Let This Get To Me I'm Strong Enough To Handle This. Well I Thik I Can It Seems A EveyBody Is Talking About Me, I'm Alone. No One Is Really Ture Nor Is There For Me. Not Even Mii friends & Family " That's Sad To Hear But I'm Telling The Truth.. "When I Look At ppl And I Seem To Notest So Much Different Stuff And It Makes Me Think Mii Life It's To Much To Handle *-Alone-*.

I'm Tried, Tried Of Be Put Down And Dissapoined, When Is It Goin To Be My Chance To Be SomeOne That ppl Like, My Chance To Be Liked By Millions, My Chance To Shine, Shitt My Chance To Be realized By By Someone Famous, My Chance To Have Name Being Said On Tv's. But I Have A Feeling That it's Never Goin To Happin Like That, I have Belief Im MySelf To The Fullest You Will Never Hear Me Say I'm Nottin. Nor Hear Me Say im Nott Going Place I'm Goin To Make It Big And Become Famous One Daii And I will Start Now Bii Showin Da World Mii Talents And Wht I Have Love For.. Fuk Wht Ppl Think And Say Is Just How I Feel At This Point.LOVE....What Does That Mean?LOVE Is A Verb. It Has It's Ways To Snick Up On You With Out U knowin And Now A Days People Won't To Be In Love So Bad They Forget What Love Means And Stands For & That You Can't Make Love Come To U It Just Happens, Now That Most People Can't Find Love When They Won't It They Start To Say That They Are In Love With Everybody They Were With. That's Not The Right Way To Go Because U Sayin That Does Not Mean That The Other Person Loves You Back.

I Miss Him So Much I Think About Him Every Day, Every Hour, Every Min, Every Second, Every Sad Song Makes Me Think About What We Should Have Had And How Our Future Would Be Like Now Butt I Guess God Needed You Up There So It Was For The Best I Guess I Hope Cuzx I Wanted You To Be Mii Back Bone Mii Heart Mii Soul But Sence Ur Gone I Have To Take Care Of MiiSelf And Mii Family...


Love U Daddy With All Mii Heart No One Will Take Mii Love Away Nor No One Will Compare To How Much I Love U Sence U Passed It Has Been So Hard To Love Anyone Else. I Know That Is Bad But it's True, I Feel as If I Love Some One I Will Loose Them. So I Stay Away From Relationships And Close Friendships Just Because Im Scared To Loose Someone Again That I Love. Butt Ur In A Better Place Now I Will See U When It's Mii Time



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