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Miss Xu

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In the process of working with my group members, I also learned some knowledge which I've never heard before. In your conclusion you will need to summarise what you have found in your case study overall, and to make an assessment of the current state of your organisation, and, where applicable, a future assessment of your chosen organisation based on the information you have reviewed. Review ONE key determinant in depth. Key determinants include:

Culture, Change, Environment, Strategy, Technology, Size.

If you wish to study an alternative key determinant, you will need to email Dr Romanella for her approval.* Policies from other departments or Business Units

* Mission statement and other strategies

* Other relevant materials from the organisation

* Secondary source materials where available in relation to your chosen organisation and the industry it operates in (i.e. journal articles, business magazines, newspapers)

Even though I got many information about Dell company for internal and external perspective, the limitations still exist. Firstly, some journal articles that had detailed analysis about Dell compant with limited access. Secondly, some of scholarly journal articles I got had a clearly analysis on the organization, however, these were more than five years old. Finally, the annual report for the second half of the year was not released.

Dell has its unique direct selling model which is considered as a classic case study. Mentioned about the strategy which has a board concept, and run through the organization of every link. Comparing the findings I got from the organization with the knowledge I've learned in the subject HBH222, the establishment of Dell's strategy are following the steps of CPM. Moreover, the structure of Dell follows the strategy which matches Chandler's conclusion. However, Dell has the unique direct selling model that makes the products when customer odered.



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