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Mount Everest

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Essay Preview: Mount Everest

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Mount Everest Essay

Dear Mount Everest Climbers,

If you are ever thinking about climbing Mount Everest the one important thing you should know is that not all people survive when climbing Mount Everest. The altitude is to much and no one can breathe. Mount Everest is one of the Hardest Mountains to climb in the world. Not only is it the Hardest but the highest and the coldest mountain. So many people die for reasons like having a hard time breathing and getting frost bite. So If I were you I would make sure I come prepared and ready because you never know if you succeed the climb or not. There are 3 criterions that help you climb Mount Everest. The first one is Requirements. 3 examples would be skills, climbing equipment and Food and Water. You need skills such as being able to climb the mountain, using the right materials and getting to the top and knowing your way around. Another example would be climbing gear.3 examples would be your bag, snow shoes and etc. The last example is food and water. You need food and water because you need energy. you will also need food and water to keep your stamina and so you can succeed the climb.

When you're doing Training and Wellbeing 3 examples would be Everest Routes, Everest Technical and High Altitude progressions. You need Everest Routes so you won't be lost and can stay on track. You need Everest Technical because Everest is the world's highest mountain. Most people say that the altitude and the technical are to be underestimated. Some other facts when doing Training and Well-being is being able to let your blood cells adjust because the higher you climb the less oxygen you will receive. Also if you are a climber with asthma I would really suggest you bring your inhaler.

There is one last criterion you need when climbing Mount Everest which is Body System Stressors, risks and consequences.1 example of a type of body system stressor would be The Endocrine System. The Endocrine System is the system of glands each of which secretes a type of hormone directly intothe bloodstream to regulate the body.2 examples of risks when climbing this mountain would be

doing it for your life and maybe doing it for other person.3 examples of Consequences would be Brain damage, Oxygen Loss and Death. Brain damage can really change your life. Things that could happen is your brain could freeze, loose oxygen and possibly damage your nerves.

So now you know what is expected in order to climb Mount Everest. While you're climbing this Mountain one important thing you should do is think about the risks your taking and the consequences that follow behind it. You never may Know what its like to succeed ever again. Well that's if you succeed your climb but other than that you need to think about the love ones that love you and the love ones you love. Whether you succeed the climb



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